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For All The Forgotten Middle Children

Posted on 12 August 2016

As the oldest I don't have to worry about being forgotten. For the rest of ya -- too bad so sad. SUCKAS

Despite being the most forgotten child in almost every family, ever! There are some middle children we just couldn't live without.


Parents attempt to make contact but can never seem to connect with your weirdness. Why can't you just be normal!


Jealousy makes you say stupid shit. Stop whining, it's not cute.


When reality hits and you notice all your friends are mostly your siblings friends.



One nerd activity is NOT better than another.


I would easily go a lighter shade of blonde for a chance to play with a nice 6 pack.


Rebelling clearly isn't meant for you. But it's cute that you try.


Here is the perfect t-shirt for those if you that have a bit more thug in your thug life!

You have your schedule down packed.


Sometimes you've dealt with enough and suddenly grow a pair. Bravo



But in reality Rebekah Mikealson is my spirit animal and Elijah :swoon:

Self pity is very unattractive


When your sexuality is beyond stunted and it is just too sad to laugh at but we do anyways


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