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18 Signs You’re Irish at Heart

Posted on 04 March 2016

1. Your favorite president is Barack O’Bama.

via Youtube

2. You know 47 different ways to prepare potatoes.

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3. You can't decide whether your favorite drink is tea or beer.

4.  You know Irish coffee is the slickest way around the "no liquor before noon" rule. 

via Philipp Sturm - Instagram

5. Your best friends are Jameson and Guinness

via Pinterest

6. You know how to hold a grudge - but your aunts are even better.

7. You have a close family member who's a cop... or a priest.

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8. A small family gathering is 20 people minimum. 

via Youtube

9. You're a proud practitioner of the Irish Goodbye.

via BuzzFeed

10. Family get-togethers are wilder than any frat party.

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11. No weapon is more feared than the wooden spoon.

via Memegenerator.net

12. You couldn't point out your ancestral county on a map if your life depended in it.  But you're still #Corkproud!

via Wikipedia

13. You've dyed too many things green to count.

via Giphy

14. You believe in Leprechauns.

via Giphy

15. Admit it - you look forward to Shamrock Shakes all year long.

via Giphy

16. You don't need "Find My iPhone" because you've got St.Anthony.

via Memegenerator.net

17. You may not always get lucky, but...

18. No other holiday can hold a candle to St.Paddy's Day

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