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14 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know
About Fitness Addicts

Posted on 26 February 2016

1. A different part hurts every day – even muscles you didn’t know existed. What’s a Rectus femoris anyway?

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2. Our phones are filled entirely with mirror selfies and pics of protein shakes.

3. Our hands are rougher than a lumberjack’s…and we’re proud of every damn callus.

4. Don’t accept an invitation to the Gun Show. We can’t help ourselves.


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5. DOMS is a valid excuse to miss work.

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6. If you don’t utter “Bro” every ten seconds we all die.

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7. Gym rat is a term of endearment.


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8. We have eight different kinds of pre- and post-workout supplements, and yeah, they’re all necessary.

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9. If you want to get a fitness addict a surprise gift, better make it workout gear. Or eggs.

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 10. Sitting still is worse than death

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11. Dat ass, though...


12. We all have VERY strong opinions about CrossFit.

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13. Once in a while we crank Taylor Swift in our earbuds while deadlifting 350 lbs and no one will ever know.

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14.  #Fitness is your life, and anyone who doesn’t like it knows where the door or unfollow button is.

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