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17 Reasons Why St. Patrick’s Day is Your Favorite Holiday

Posted on 04 March 2016

1. You can have Irish coffee for breakfast, lunch, and dessert and not warrant an intervention.

via Someecards.com

2. Green beer. Need we say more?


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3. You get a taste of old world culture with All-American overindulgence.


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4. You can dress like an idiot and no one will give you flack.


via Exiledonline

5. The one day your boss turns a blind eye to day drinking.

6. You put the “B” in binge drinking.

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7. You can call yourself O’Smith or O’Garcia and get away with it.

via Pinterest

8. Mint finally gets the credit it deserves as chocolate’s best sidekick.

via Small Cakes Elmhurst - Instagram

9. Bailey's is your bestie...

via Bailey’s Instagram

10. Guinness is your gateway to heaven.

via Guinness Instagram

10. Whiskey is your water of life

via Bailey’s Instagram

12. And Tea is your true love.

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13. It’s the last day before March 18th…which is always the WORST (wonder why)

via Buzzfeed

14. It’s the best time to test the luck of the Irish in the romance department.

15. A sparkly green top hat just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the occasion.

via Buzzfeed

16. You’re magically delicious.

via Memegenerator

17. Even if it’s not easy being green, it’s still the best holiday ever.

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